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Overview Of Windows 10 PRO

From windows 8.1, windows have evolved itself to the new era of Windows 10. Windows 10 has been in popularity since it is made. Though every version of windows has its respect, windows 10 adds to that. After several years, windows have understood what is need of time. The lightweight, compatible, fast, responsive, clean, and neat Windows 10 version is the most perfect version of the windows operating system. 

What windows 8.1 had is continued in Windows 10. But a lot of better things. Windows 10 deserves a clap for newly fixed bugs in windows 8.1. As Microsoft likes to make several editions of each version of the Windows operating system, they haven’t left windows 10 too. The several editions of Windows 10 include Windows 10 pro, enterprise, home, etc. Each of them is unique. 

Windows 10 pro catches attention with the powerful and simple features and updates. Better focus on security, appearance, and the user interface makes it special than the normal OS. As the name suggests, it is a professional Operating System that is made for professionals and students. New Microsoft edge, new Cortana, taskbar improvement, updated task viewer, improved themes, and color management made it more productive.  

Windows 10 pro free download is available for 32 bit and 64 bit. Have an amazing and seamless experience, with this windows 10 pro free download. No, any additional software is required for download. Download windows 10 pro edition fast with safety. This windows 10 pro edition is available free from any malware. Get the malware-free windows 10 pro edition download here.

Features Of Windows 10 PRO (Professional)

Windows 10 pro free download is few steps away. Get to know about the windows 10 new features and what is planned for you there. Go through these new features. 

Simple Interface

The simple interface lets you enjoy the whole operating system seamlessly. Windows 10 Pro has improved the virtual performance. Two user interface cannot be denied, as it has the touch screen mode and keyboard mode. Perfect taskbar customization, resize the windows according to your need, all these features make it simple to use.   


Recently the windows have taken several steps to improve the security. There is improvement in the lock feature including pin digits and all. Windows hello is a new feature that might work better on windows 10 pro. 

Attractive Themes

Looking at the basic windows image is quite boring for some users. If one wants to change it then there are several options introduced. New themes are available which include several mind soothing images, to refresh you throughout the work. Along with wallpapers, the color combinations are adapted to each image. 


Cortana can help you a lot if you are a fan of voice search. Get a virtual assistant right into your device. Windows 10 pro is pretty much accessible and easy with Cortana. 

Microsoft’s updated task viewer

New task viewer is a good feature for multitasking. The task viewer button is present by default in the taskbar and you can also remove it. The task viewer enables a new multitasking experience. 

Overall stable UI

The user interface is the main part of any operating system. Hopefully, windows 10pro has a good user interface which is way better than other OS. The stability is improved a lot. If you have a lot of work on windows still the user interface is not get disturbed. 

Technical Specifications

Latest UpdateOct 2020
Title Windows 10 PRO Free Download

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Windows 10 pro and all its features must have impressed you. That’s why windows 10 pro free download is here for you. Just download windows 10 pro free with one click. Windows 10 pro download for 32 bit and windows 10 pro download for 64 bit are available. 

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