Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Best Website Optimization Techniques

A technique called cloaking involves showing different content to search engines and their bots using a script in JavaScript with a hidden page. This technique is frowned upon by search engines. The site will be placed on a blacklist. Other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that will result in penalties include hidden text or links, keywords stuffing, a mismatch between the content of the page and its description, misleading redirection, duplication of content and the use of satellite pages (doorways).


Techniques to position your site on the first page include creating content in perfect harmony with a quality that meets the guidelines of search engines. Creating external links to sites dealing with the relevant subjects including the keyword in the link (backlink).

Specialized techniques allow SEO Nashville professionals and amateurs to measure their achievements. The purpose of these techniques is to top the major search engines results pages (SERPs) like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing on a given keyword.

These keywords are generally chosen carefully to avoid interfering with actual keywords used in other contexts. Examples of keywords from previous competitions: stork eater, greedy sorcerer, tiger osmosis. This is a good way to allowing SEO experts to learn, improve and compete with others and thus to offer an increasingly sharp service to customers wanting a good position in search engines.

These competitions highlight the gaps between the expected position and the actual search engine position.

How to get to the top of the search results

The major search engines can detect new documents on the web (and new sites). The positioning of a resource (and therefore visibility) in the search results is a consequence of content, depending on the search engine.

For this, it is necessary above all to identify how users are finding your site (= what are the keywords used). Adapt editorial line based on keywords used by users and thus to organize the contents of a site based on the needs or user searches.

It is vital to compose keyword-rich URLs and format (HTML) information correctly. The visibility of a document will be natural and depends directly on the quality and content provided. Quality content is often referenced by other websites. Some criteria for positioning a web page on a given expression.

There are hundreds of parameters used by the positioning algorithms. These include the popularity of the page, the text of inbound links, the relevance of the page and the confidence index of the page.

All these criteria are intended to ensure that the search results for a given search query are the most relevant pages on the subject.

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