A Quick Overview Of Common Local SEO FAQs

Search engine Optimization (or SEO) has become so important these days that it’s virtually impossible to talk about online marketing without mentioning it. It’s seen as the shortest way possible to rank a site online. As it continues to excite website owners, more questions are asked by a majority of them. Consultants like physicians and lawyers are worried about missing on opportunities in their local areas. E-commerce store owners are also not sure if they can continue occupying the top spots on Google.

We forwarded a few concerns that most site owners have about SEO to a few SEO experts, and here are the answers that they suggested.

1. What’s the difference between local SEO and conventional SEO?

In conventional SEO, your focus is wide and it is exclusive on the website. Everything is done to make your site search-friendly and to rank higher on Google where anyone anywhere in the world can find it. On the other hand, Local SEO focuses on the local audience. It’s meant to help the local market find your business easily. If for example, a customer searches for words like “a lawyer near me” or “a doctor near me,” your business can pop up in the search results.

2. Which kind of businesses needs local SEO?

In fairness, local SEO is not a convenient option for businesses that are 100% e-commerce. This is because such businesses also rely on distant customers to make sales. Local SEO is for businesses with physical outlets where the customer can visit to consult or to buy. So, law firms, medical clinics, restaurants, and other businesses that allow customer interactions are the perfect picks.

3. Can I compete with businesses that are outside my locality if I use local SEO?

Ideally, local SEO is meant to help you promote your business within your locality. It’s the local customers who will locate your business and not the outsiders. Nonetheless, if you want to be found outside your local area, then you’ll need to create pages with keywords that the outsiders search for.

4. Can I force Google to show my business profile in the search results?

The answer is NO. You cannot force Google to do anything. The best you can do is to double check your search phrases to ensure they are correct before launching your local SEO marketing. If Google fails to rank your business profile, this is an indicator that it’s not for you and you should look for other SEO alternatives.

Hopefully, your concerns about local SEO have been answered. SEO is supposed to be fun and not complicated as many assume it to be. When your concerns are answered, it becomes easy to set realistic goals with respect to increased site traffic, better conversions, and improved sales volumes.

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